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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE) Jobs: Accountant, Credit Officer, Internal Auditor, Branch Manager, Business Development Officer, HR Officer, Project Officer (Estates) and Marketing Officer Vacancies

Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE) Ltd was established in 1967 with the mandate of promoting industrialization through indigenous enterprise development in the country. 
To achieve this mandate, the company provides Industrial Parks, medium to long term financing, and business advisory/ training services.

Currently, the company is going through change with a view to repositioning it to effectively contribute to the realization of vision 2030.  
Consequently, a number of vacancies have arisen as follows:-

1. Accountant

Reporting to Finance Manager, successful candidate will be responsible for the management of company budget.

Key Tasks
  • Preparation of budget
  • Monitoring of budget
  • Ensure timely receipt of weekly branch returns.
  • Prepare monthly reconciliations for collection and administration accounts
  • Capture, receive, process, post and analyze all financial transactions on a daily basis
  • Ensure data integrity at the entry point and output level
  • Check audit trail and make necessary corrections
  • Prepare schedule for final audit as allocated
  • Confirm banking of money collected in branches
  • Reverse all unpaid cheques and  direct lodgments for posting
  • Reconcile branch petty cash
  • Reconcile stock accounts on a monthly basis
  • Prepare, maintain and safeguard an accurate register of company assets
  • Any other duties  that may be assigned
Required Qualifications
  • Must have passed CPA (K) or its equivalent
  • Master’s degree in Finance or in relevant fields such as Business Administration, Finance, Economics and Mathematics will be an added advantage.
  • Must be computer Literate in accounting packages.
  • Must have at least (3) years working experience as an Accountant in a large organization.
2. Credit Officer

Reporting to Branch Managers, the successful candidates will undertake the following key duties and responsibilities:-

Key Tasks
  • Preparation of feasibility studies & business plans for our clients.
  • Identification of viable business opportunities and preparation of business profiles for the branch /department
  • Appraise/vet   loan applications
  • Organize insurance cover for projects after disbursements have been made and inform clients as necessary.
  • Undertake debt collection
  • Participate in handling receiverships.
  • Receipt and bank payments
  • Carry out project implementation and commissioning
  • Participate in preparation of branch performance reports.
  • Carryout project supervision, evaluation and monitoring
  • Carry out business advisory services to clients
  • Carryout and conduct  training for the both existing & potential clients
Required Qualifications
  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution.
  • Computer proficiency is a MUST
  • Work experience preferably in a bank or financial institution is an added advantage.
3. Internal Auditor

Reporting to the Manager-Internal Audit, the successful candidate will be responsible for:-

Key Tasks
  • Auditing petty cash, loans, and vouchers
  • Checking on the systems operation of the company and reporting to the Managing Director
  • Auditing administration accounts
  • Auditing collection accounts in the branches
  • Advice the management on the strengths and weaknesses of a system
  • Verifying the existing company physical  assets and securities
  • Filing reports
  • Visiting various projects in the branches
  • Checking on account procedures
  • Auditing staff loans e.g Car, house, imprest etc
  • Audit mortgages
  • Audit projects repossessed or disposed
  • Performing any other duties as required by the organization
Required Qualifications
  • The applicants must possess a CPA (K) certificate
  • Must hold a bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline
  • Computer proficiency is a must
  • 5 years working experience as an Internal Auditor in a large organization
4. Branch Manager

Reporting to the General Manager-Operations, the successful candidates will be charged with the overall leadership of the branch.  
The job holder will be expected to drive business growth, ensure company procedures and policies are adhered to, customer service delivery is efficient and ensure optimum productivity of the branch staff.

Key Tasks
  • Spearhead business planning and growth (lending, debt recovery and incubation services) as well as customer growth and retention
  • Maximize revenue collection and manage costs
  • Improve revenue  and cost management
  • Supervise training of clients in business operations.
  • Vet loan applicants and appraise investment proposals.
  • Supervise disbursement of loans.
  • Coordinate collection of debts.
  • Ensure quality of service in branch service delivery.
  • Ensure minimization of exposure to and impact of operational risks inherent in branch service delivery
  • Spearhead leadership which facilitates conducive work environment and employee satisfaction at the branch.
  • Responsible for the branch structure and application of established policies, processes, procedures and tools in achieving compliance requirements, optimal efficiency, resource utilization and cost containment.
  • Spearhead preparation of regular reports –collection, position papers, rehabilitation, etc.
  • Act as receiver manager of projects put under receivership.
  • Project a positive image of KIE to foster public relations and co-operation.
Required Qualifications
  • A bachelor’s degree in a relevant discipline from a recognized institution.
  • Computer proficiency is a must
  • At least 3 years’ experience in handling SMEs.
  • Be a team player with great leadership abilities
5. Business Development Officer

Reporting to the Business development Manager, the successful candidate will undertake the following key duties and responsibilities:-

Key Tasks
  • Analyze and appraise project papers and business plans received from branches.
  • Present project papers, position papers and business plans during project appraisal committee meetings.
  • Serve as Secretary to the Credit  Appraisal  Committee and Departmental Meetings
  • Conduct seminars and workshops on BDS products.
  • Liaise with Branches on all matters of BDS and loans Generation.
  • Oversee and coordinate implementation of loans after approval between legal department, lending department, branches  and finance department.
  • Coordinate the release of loan cheques to branches
  • Supervise newly implemented loans for a period 6 months before releasing the same to Debt Recovery Department
  • Agency banking
  • Promote and market company products/services
  • Champion  customer awareness activities
  • Coordinate entrepreneurship training
  • Coordinate development of new products
  • Manage information and subcontracting centres
  • Coordinate profiling / mapping
  • Initiate and implement collaborations / partnerships with other institutions
  • Initiate income-generating activities for the organization
  • Ensure screening and diligent selection of potential clients for the institution’s products and services
Required Qualifications
  • Bachelors Degree from a recognized institution;
  • Relevant Masters Degree;
  • Familiar with agency banking;
  • Computer proficiency is a MUST At least 3 years relevant experience in handling small and medium industries
6. Human Resource Officer

Reporting to the Human Resource & Administration Manager, the successful candidate is expected to act as Strategic Partner, an Administrative Expert, a change agent and an Employee Champion within the organization. 
He/she will assist in undertaking the following;

Key Tasks
  • Manpower planning,
  • Recruitment,
  • Compensation and salary issues,
  • Employee development and administration,
  • Training and career development,
  • Labour relations and discipline management,
  • Personnel transfer and movement,
  • Performance management
  • Human resources information system,
  • Organizational development etc.
Required Qualifications
  • A degree in human resource management or any other relevant degree from a recognized institution.
  • A diploma / Higher diploma/ post graduate diploma from a recognized institution.
  • A minimum of 3 years’ experience working in a busy HR department.
  • A thorough understanding of HR functions and processes and broad generalist experience.
  • High level of computer skills especially in analysis tools including use of a human resource information system.
  • Ability to work under pressure and to meet deadlines.
7. Project Officer (Estates)

Reporting to the Manager- Estates Development & Incubation Services, the successful candidate is expected to provide leadership in the development of new industrial estates and ensure that all industrial estates are in a good condition of maintenance.

Key Tasks
  • Assist in acquisition of industrial plots.
  • Ensure timely collection of rent and mortgage loans
  • In conjunction with Architects, prepare drawings for new structures.
  • Supervise building constructions to completion
  • Ensure that building essential facilities such as electricity, water, sewage and road  services are in place.
  • Produce design drawings for building extensions and renovations.
  • Organize for proper maintenance for all the company buildings.
  • Set out works programme for new constructions/ renovations to completion.
  • Prepare monthly construction progress returns
  • Facilitate preparation of feasibility studies for new construction sites.
  • Provide advice on the design of industrial sheds suitable to be fit-for- purpose
  • Assist in linking KIE incubates with other SMEs within and without.
Required Qualifications
  • A degree in either structural engineering, Building Economics or architecture from a recognized institution.
  • Relevant master’s degree will be an added advantage.
  • At least 5 years experience in project management and construction works
  • Computer proficiency in Archcard and other relevant packages
  • Highly proactive, team player attributes are necessary for this role.
8. Marketing Officer

Reporting to the Corporate Strategy and planning manager, the successful candidate will be responsible for improving company image and marketing of company products and services.

Key Tasks
  • Undertake product development and market segmentation, and monitor market growth.
  • Develop the corporate identity of KIE through product branding and quality service.
  • Rebrand  (give a new corporate look or identity)  KIE products as necessary.
  • Develop and install pricing strategies for various KIE products.
  • Carry out marketing campaign / promotion to create awareness within SMEs sector on available products and services at KIE.
  • Build a market database.
  • Formulate effective market plans for all products and services at KIE.
  • Formulate corporate marketing  strategies, policies and standards
  • Develop and implement training programmes for staff and clients on marketing issues.
  • Install a feedback mechanism to evaluate the efficacy of the marketing function at KIE.
Required Qualifications
  • Bachelors degree in Social Sciences AND Diploma in Marketing OR Bachelors degree in Marketing.
  • Proficiency in computer applications;
  • 3 years’ experience in all aspects of developing and maintaining marketing strategies
  • Technical marketing skills
  • Proven experience in customer and market research
  • Relevant product and industry knowledge
Applications must be accompanied by current curriculum vitae, giving details of educational and professional qualifications and addressed to the undersigned. 
Applicants must also indicate their current and expected salaries. 
The applications should be received not later than 15/6/2012.

Human Resources & Administration Manager
P.O Box 78029-00507

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