Friday, July 3, 2015

Store Keeper

Store Keeper Job Description

Our client is one of the top lodges in the Masai Mara. Part of an international brand the company offers international standards of pay and employee benefits. As a world renowned provider of the best in quality and service our client is looking for a store keeper with a high level of integrity to manage all the stock control for the onsite store. The position comes with great responsibility but also great potential for growth in a fantastic international company.

Job Summary: 
Under the direction of the immediate supervisor, administers the operations of a store. Receives, verifies and sells merchandise. Provides information to and assists customers. Prepares purchase requisitions. Maintains inventory. Maintains files and prepares reports.
Major Duties and Responsibilities: 
1.      Oversees and administers the operations of a store. Receives, identifies and verifies merchandise.
2.       Maintains inventory. Uses inventory management software. Prepares purchase requisitions for the replacement of stock. Contacts suppliers or searches catalogues to determine price and additional details concerning new items. 
3.      Makes claims with transport companies if delivered merchandise has been damaged. 
4.      Maintains files appropriate to the activities of the unit, such as invoices, order number, receiving date, shipping date, etc. Prepares reports. 
5.      Verifies ledgers, statements and supporting documents. 
6.      Communicates with others in order to receive or transmit information. 
7.      Handles and stores merchandise or special products that require some knowledge of spontaneous combustion, toxicity, fragility, rapid deterioration, contamination, etc. 
8.      According to requirements and established procedures, arranges stock. In case of emergency or in order to replace outdated material, suggests substitutes available in the store. 
 Controls and carries out the lending and renting of tools, equipment, furnishings, and devices. Ensures that they are kept in good condition and that they are repaired or replaced as necessary.

Property/Building Manager

Location: Pangani
Salary 30-50K depending on experience
Working hours – 6 days a week

Our client is seeking a motivated and thorough property/building manager for a property in Pangani, Nairobi. The bulding houses among other establishments a lodgings and a restaurant.
We are seeking an experienced, mature individual, who has experience managing a property and staff, as well as dealing with the authorities. On top of this the ideal individual will have impeccable record and bookkeeping skills, an eye for detail and errors on bills etc and a savvy business mind.
A great, secure opportunity for someone looking for a position with responsibility and lodgings available.

Main roles and responsibilities:
Staff Issues
 Keep staff in line. Implement and keep records (up to date) of physical records that can help and can be produced on demand to help in this. e.g.  attendance sheets, payments slips, any disciplinary action must be put to writing and staff must sign, create JDs and have staff adhere to them, Maintain a relevant number of staff  (not to over or understaff. balance between casual and permanent staff to the benefit of the building. create rules and regulations  for a conducive environment e.g. monitor staff interactions with clients, have staff in there uniforms always e.t.c.

Deal with Authorities
Be able to deal with Authorities. e.g. City council- licences/health permits and other administration
Maintain relationships with public sectors and public bodies to ensure smooth running for the operation.
Also be able to deal with the other quasi government organisations regarding any issues-NHIF,NSSF,Music copyright authority,KRA..e.t.c

 Utility providers
Maintain an impeccable watch over utilities and a keen eye for detail in the case of errors. Must be capable of spotting and dealing with these issues without management involvement.

Maintain a database of, electricians,plumbers, repair specialists to keep the buildings running. Set up and implement procurement process that guarantees best deals management(Supplier management and negotiating in procurement etc). Manage the property according to operational efficiency – maintain the building in good order whilst maintaining an incredibly efficient cost control on all repairs and refurbishments.

Record Keeping.
Generate comprehensive yet simple reports to be provided to owners regularly. Create
and maintain a system to cover all aspect – profit and loss, bookkeeping to follow income and expenses to include operational costs and other variable costs. Accurate and up to date record keeping is imperative. An understanding of accounts would be an advantage.
Key skills:
Attention to detail
Methodical and thorough
Motivated to ensure smooth and efficient operation
Management Skills
Bookkeeping and record keeping skills.
Minimum 4 years experience in a similar position. Running your own business in the past will be an advantage.
How to Apply:
Please follow the link to read more and to apply for this job.



Our client is one of the first hotel companies to bring hospitality to Kenya. Winner of 13 luxury hotel awards and offering a range of accommodation in various locations in Kenya our Client is one of the top Tourism Companies to work for.
Our client is seeking an experienced Head Chef to join their award wining team.
Job description

Assist the Executive Chef in the supervision of the Galley operations to be in line with the Company’s Standards.

Will work with the Executive Chef to update working schedules for all Cooks.

Ensure the Recipe review program is followed through by the head of sections.

Daily application of the Culinary Check List to monitor production and correct preparation

Both the Culinary check list and recipe review must be attached to the culinary package for office review

Will monitor working hours and fill out report of overtime for payroll purposes.

Be present during loading, controlling quality of fresh fish and fresh produce.

Must be knowledgeable with the established quality standards and Company Policies in order to supervise his or her subordinates.

Will give proper training to the new crewmembers and follow up on their progress.

Responsible for maintaining the quality and consistency in taste according to recipes and photos provided by the Main Office.
Communicates on a daily basis with the Provision Master to utilize perishable food items in due course. Check on the coolers in general to avoid shortages.

Monitor the food production and record leftover covers using the provided forms.

Control and provide daily food requisitions to the Provision Master for the next day preparation according to the Executive Chef forecast.

Must have complete knowledge of Rules and Regulations and ensure that they are followed throughout the entire operation on a daily basis.

Ensure that the kitchen cleaning schedule set up by the Executive Chef is followed by everyone after each service and exercising proper methods to prevent equipment damages.

Responsible for the control and maintenance of all equipment distributed to the cooks that need to be cleaned and sanitized after each service and returned to the Chef’s Office.

Responsible for the control and maintenance of all equipment in the Galley and report any damages or malfunctions doing the necessary follow up.

Ensures that all Cooks are in proper, well-maintained uniforms, with special attention to those working in public areas.  Personal appearance and hygiene must be according to Company policy.

Ensure that the Cooks from the storeroom to the kitchen observe the Company’s Rules and Regulations for transporting all provisions properly.

Oversee the preparation, presentation and is physically present during service.  Duties might include the supervision of the afternoon teatime.

Responsible for the set up of the Food Line for the Restaurant Personnel, ensuring that there is enough variety and quantity.

Must issue requisitions for all the Catering equipment necessary for the smooth running of the operation.

Must have a thorough understanding of how Time and Attendance operates, be familiar with the contracts and work schedule hours/week and supporting documentation 

Position Responsibilities

Check all food requisitions and make the proper adjustments to the information given.

Check food handling and storage procedures wherever food is handled.

Follow up on the meat order; work with the butcher on what steps to follow.  Monitor Portion Control accordingly.

Check on all kitchen equipment in your area that has to be fixed and report it to the Executive Chef on a daily basis.  Assure proper cleanliness and sanitation of kitchen and food storage areas and equipment in all such areas, according to the USPH regulations.

Check all food storerooms daily.  Assure that food is well rotated and “first in” is “first out”.

Enforces the established working schedule for the kitchen team, based on 10 hours a day and 7 days a week.

Assure complete managerial coverage during breaks or meetings.

Control overtime and proper time management procedures (work within the set budget).

Work as a team member.  Does not make any changes without the knowledge of the Executive Chef

Enforce “Clean as you go” work habits.

Be instrumental in organizing an efficient flow of production.  Check all daily events, delegate and follow up.

Maintain menus and food quality up to company standards.

Constantly thrive to upgrade the food quality and presentation and establish the necessary controls that would assure a high level of quality and consistency.

Check cleanliness and proper storage of food and equipment in all areas of food production.

Participate in daily, early morning meetings with the Ex. Chef, Outlet Chefs and Pastry Chef.  Make sure the Chief Baker is informed of any changes.

Check proper storing of all equipment pertaining to his field of responsibility.  Train crew to exercise responsibility.

Taste all foods on a daily basis and make necessary changes. Food needs to be ready for service 15 minutes before opening time.

Constantly check all ready to eat food is handled with plastic gloves only.

Attend all scheduled meetings on time.

·         Certificate or qualification in food preparation and food hygiene qualification in cooking.
·         5 years experience in culinary arts
·         Must be dual-skilled as manager and chef
·         Significant previous experience of managing a team in a similar environment
 Location: Naivasha
Working Hours: TBC
Salary: TBC
How to Apply:
Please follow the link to read more about this job and to apply.