Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Deputy Clerk, Clerk Assistants, Hansard Editors, HR Officer, Accounts, Secretarial, Sergeant-At-Arms, ICT, Legal, Audit, PR and Drivers at Nyamira County Assembly

Republic of Kenya
County Assembly of Nyamira
The county assembly service board of Nyamira invites applications from suitably qualified Kenya citizens to fill the following vacant positions: 1. Deputy Clerk
1 Post

Duties and Responsibilities
  • General supervision of all Departments
  • External relations including international, inter-county Assemblies relations, conferences and protocol affairs
  • Enhancing public understanding and knowledge of the work of County Assembly, increasing public accessibility and awareness and the operations
  • Offering procedural advice to Mr. Speaker, other Presiding Officers and Members of County Assembly as required and overseeing the proceedings of the House.
  • Preparation and presentation of orientation programmes for newly elected members of County Assembly;
Requirements for Appointment
  • Meritoriously executed supervisory duties and responsibilities in a related organization for at least three(3) years;
  • Served in, and shown proven and enduring flair for parliamentary procedure and practice, and have wide experience on the role, functions and operations of a legislative or local authority, through exhaustive service in all spheres of a legislative body;
  • Attended a senior management course from a recognized institution, and
  • A degree in a relevant field from a university recognized in Kenya.
2. Senior Clerk Assistant 
2 Posts
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Assisting in ensuring adherence to parliamentary procedure, practice, conventions, tradition and etiquette.
  • Research involving search for fresh information/ facts by consulting appropriate sources like documents or persons
  • Offering administrative services to the various types of County Assembly committees, including the County Assembly Service Board.
  • Organizing activities pertaining to seminars and conferences for members of County Assembly and staff
Requirements for Appointment
  • A degree from a University recognized in Kenya in any of the fields in law, engineering, finance, management, education, planning, development studies, gender studies and accounting.
  • Demonstrable flair for commonwealth and Kenyan Legislative procedures.
  • Demonstrable interest and commitment to the aims, objectives and principles of a devolved legislature.
  • Good command of spoken and written English and Swahili coupled with demonstrable report writing skills.
3. Hansard Editor 
1 Post
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Translation
  • In charge of Hansard Reporters, from whom the Officer will be receiving transcripts and sound recordings.
  • Checking and amending transcripts for conformity with acceptable Legislative style.
  • Approving transcripts for printing
  • Research and compilation of indexes
Requirements for Appointment
  • Minimum of three(3) years work experience as a Hansard Reporter I, OR
  • Three(3) years’ experience in publishing the public sector or in a newspaper with national circulation;
  • Demonstrable knowledge and application of the Legislative Standing Orders and Functional roles of legislative Committees;
  • Demonstrable management and organizational skills; and,
  • A Bachelors degree in Communication/ Languages, or in social sciences with a C(Plus) in English/Kiswahili
4. Hansard Audio Officer
1 Post
 Duties and responsibilities
  • Recording Assembly and Committee Proceedings
  • Ensuring timely and accurate Audio Recordings of the Assembly and Committees
  • Editing and Segmenting Audio recordings into (Takes) for Hansard Reporters for transcription
  • Maintaining Cleanliness and proper functionality of recording Equipment.
  • Liaising with Committee Clerks in report writing by Availing Audio Recordings for Reference.
  • Conversion of Analogue Audio to Digital and Vice Versa and placing CD/DVD/ writing for external requests
  • Covering Select Committees on Public Hearings
Requirements for Appointment
  • Diploma in Mass Communication from a recognized institution, OR
  • Diploma in Multimedia
  • Demonstrated professionalism and Competence in Audio Production (Sound Production will be an Added Advantage).
5. Principal Human Resource Management Officer
1 Post
Duties and Responsibilities
  • Staffing, HR Planning, Promotions and Deployment.
  • Compensation and Regular job evaluation
  • Job performance entailing development of job description and specifications, performance appraisal, training and development, incentive structures and enforcing discipline.
  • Employee relations and welfare issues
  • Development of HR Policy, Rules, Regulations and Policy, including Terms and Conditions of Service.
Requirements for Appointment
  • Served for at least five (5) years in a Human Resource Office in a legislative body or its equivalent in the public service.
  • A Masters Degree in Human Resource Management
  • A thorough understanding of Human Resource Management policies, regulations and employee relations
  • Demonstrable high degree of professional competence, administrative capabilities and initiative in the general organization and management of human resource and,
  • Understanding of labour laws and other statutes that impact on human resource management.