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Friday, July 3, 2015

Property/Building Manager

Location: Pangani
Salary 30-50K depending on experience
Working hours – 6 days a week

Our client is seeking a motivated and thorough property/building manager for a property in Pangani, Nairobi. The bulding houses among other establishments a lodgings and a restaurant.
We are seeking an experienced, mature individual, who has experience managing a property and staff, as well as dealing with the authorities. On top of this the ideal individual will have impeccable record and bookkeeping skills, an eye for detail and errors on bills etc and a savvy business mind.
A great, secure opportunity for someone looking for a position with responsibility and lodgings available.

Main roles and responsibilities:
Staff Issues
 Keep staff in line. Implement and keep records (up to date) of physical records that can help and can be produced on demand to help in this. e.g.  attendance sheets, payments slips, any disciplinary action must be put to writing and staff must sign, create JDs and have staff adhere to them, Maintain a relevant number of staff  (not to over or understaff. balance between casual and permanent staff to the benefit of the building. create rules and regulations  for a conducive environment e.g. monitor staff interactions with clients, have staff in there uniforms always e.t.c.

Deal with Authorities
Be able to deal with Authorities. e.g. City council- licences/health permits and other administration
Maintain relationships with public sectors and public bodies to ensure smooth running for the operation.
Also be able to deal with the other quasi government organisations regarding any issues-NHIF,NSSF,Music copyright authority,KRA..e.t.c

 Utility providers
Maintain an impeccable watch over utilities and a keen eye for detail in the case of errors. Must be capable of spotting and dealing with these issues without management involvement.

Maintain a database of, electricians,plumbers, repair specialists to keep the buildings running. Set up and implement procurement process that guarantees best deals management(Supplier management and negotiating in procurement etc). Manage the property according to operational efficiency – maintain the building in good order whilst maintaining an incredibly efficient cost control on all repairs and refurbishments.

Record Keeping.
Generate comprehensive yet simple reports to be provided to owners regularly. Create
and maintain a system to cover all aspect – profit and loss, bookkeeping to follow income and expenses to include operational costs and other variable costs. Accurate and up to date record keeping is imperative. An understanding of accounts would be an advantage.
Key skills:
Attention to detail
Methodical and thorough
Motivated to ensure smooth and efficient operation
Management Skills
Bookkeeping and record keeping skills.
Minimum 4 years experience in a similar position. Running your own business in the past will be an advantage.
How to Apply:
Please follow the link to read more and to apply for this job.

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